My first professional headshot, courtesy of Dallas Padoven Photography
Kirk Sheppard

As a professional counselor by trade, I find myself being much more in touch with my emotions – and while I love talking about feelings in my work, the theater has drawn them out more than in any other place.  I have grown to have a deep love and appreciation for live theater.

So, now I want to give back. And I plan to do so by spotlighting, highlighting, and featuring all the great theater in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton.  From college productions to professional Equity houses, we really do have some marvelous artists right here in our community.  So, I want to help you find them.  Perhaps you will be as moved as I have been.

A theatre critic at one of our local newspapers said to me, “You’re an advocate for theatre.”  I consider that a high compliment and its a responsibility I don’t take lightly. I will promise that I won’t lie to you and (despite rumors to the contrary) I don’t love everything I see.  But I will spotlight and feature and promote the amazing artists and work that is produced in Cincinnati and beyond.

Respectfully yours,
Kirk Sheppard

Kirk Sheppard is a professional counselor, blogger, musician, professional wrestling personality, and more. He recently made his stage acting debut in Falcon Theatre’s ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST as Chief Bromden. He’s a former board member, panel chair, and panelist with The League of Cincinnati Theaters.  Most of all, he is an encourager and supporter of local theatre.


  1. Just saw the show with 3 friends.Our first trip to the Falcon.We were delighted. The cast could not have been any more perfect.Cuckoos Nest has been one of my all time favorite storys.We talked about it all the way home.I can not even pick a favorite,you were all so great.And congrats on your first show. Oh,you have a wonderful smile.

  2. Kirk,
    “Actors’ Equity” is a professional union, and a proper name. As such, any reference (like yours above) to an Equity house should be capitalized. Just a friendly suggestion….I see a ton of theater myself. I saw Gatsby last night, enjoyed it as well, and came here as a result of a Facebook citation of your fine review.
    Tom, Cincinnati

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