Xavier’s MIDSUMMER a Fun Forest Romp


Tonight I was able to catch the final dress rehearsal of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM at Xavier University. I don’t typically review rehearsals but I did want to make a few comments about the show so that some of you who may be on the fence can decide if you should go see it or not.

Do you like slapstick comedy? Do you like farce? Do you like boy bands? Then go.

Or how about this… do you want to see a well directed, very accessible, easy to follow Shakespearean play?  Then, DEFINITELY go.

I’ve seen lots of collegiate Shakespeare productions and this is one of the best. Guest Director Jeremy Dubin has helped the cast understand what they are saying; they connect with the material instead of just reciting the lines. It is exciting to see.  I especially liked the work of Mac Blais, Ellen C. Godbey, Katie Mitchell, Sterling Shaw, and Patrick McWilliams. Also, Dave Zlatic’s technical expertise is outstanding. This is a strong cast; Shakespeare is not easy to bring to life.

You should see it, too. Saturday night’s performance is sold out, but the others (Thursday, Friday, and Sunday) have some seats left.  Ticket information is available here.

Up next at Xavier is my favorite musical, SPRING AWAKENING, directed by Stephen Skiles and choreographed by Dee Anne Bryll.  It opens in April and I cannot wait.


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