This weekend, you need to make ANY GIVEN MONDAY a priority. Playing at Mad Anthony Theatre (located inside the Fitton Center for the Arts in Hamilton), this dark comedy is edgy, witty, sharp, and thoughtful.

I attended the final dress rehearsal tonight (and since it was a rehearsal, I’m not “reviewing” it) and was very impressed by the script and the incredible delivery by Daniel Britt, Chris Kramer, Bekka Eaton, and Allyson West.  I won’t give too much away but suffice it to say that there are some wonderfully evil surprises, some deep philosophical questions, and even a couple of rather touching moments.  It’s a wonderful new play and I highly recommend it.

Mad Anthony is in a renovated theatre for this one; director Henry Cepluch and set designer Mary Slocum are getting used to the new shape and space, but they do utilize it well for this show.  Adam Hayward (and his assistant, Denny Thomas) have new lights to play with.  And most importantly, capacity has increased to about 245; if they keep producing shows of this quality, they’re definitely gonna need the seats.

It was a true pleasure to be welcomed by the fine folks associated with this show; you need to go see it.  You won’t be disappointed.  And you might walk away having your thoughts provoked.  I know you’ll walk away with a smile on your face and a tickled funny bone.

ANY GIVEN MONDAY runs through Sunday afternoon at Mad Anthony Theatre Company in Hamilton, Ohio.  Ticket information can be found here.



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