Britt and Eaton Reunited for Mad Anthony’s ANY GIVEN MONDAY

Bekka Eaton in "Light Sensitive" last season at Mad Anthony Theatre Company
Bekka Eaton in “Light Sensitive” last season at Mad Anthony Theatre Company

Last year, I discovered the joy of the play LIGHT SENSITIVE and the wonderful Bekka Eaton.  I already knew of Daniel Britt; his work is always some of the finest on stage but to watch Eaton and the delightful chemistry between them (along with Burt McCollom) in Mad Anthony’s production was one of the highlights of the entire season.

Director Henry Cepluch
Director Henry Cepluch

Britt and Eaton are back together again for this year’s ANY GIVEN MONDAY.  Director Henry Cepluch knows a good thing when he’s got it, it seems.  “Light Sensitive was a play the actors and I grew to appreciate more and more during rehearsals. We felt that we were really onto something entertaining and well done. It was therefore thrilling and satisfying to receive such positive reactions from those who saw the play,” he says.

But Cepluch isn’t one to rest on his laurels with conventional works.  “I am always on the lookout for plays that have not been locally produced, that contain edgy subject matter, and/or that provide no easy answers.”

He’s certainly found a dark comedy in ANY GIVEN MONDAY. It’s the story of Lenny, a teacher, who’s wife leaves him for a jerk who builds Wal-Marts. His life is in shambles and copes with pizza and Monday Night Football but his best friend Mick isn’t taking it lying down.  The cast also includes Chris Kramer and Allyson West.  The New York Post calls it “a dark comedy so offensive, so amoral and so generally unpleasant that you’ll hate yourself for laughing at it. The problem is, you’ll hate yourself a lot.”

Mad Anthony will open this play in their brand new theatre at the Fitton Center in Hamilton.  Cepluch says, “The immediate future of Mad Anthony deals with learning how best to use the new playing space, lighting, and sound.”  He also wants to grow their audience base. “The move forward certainly involves finding small cast plays that entertain and, at times, challenge the audience.”

With casts, material, and a vision like this, Mad Anthony seems poised for continued success.

ANY GIVEN MONDAY by Bruce Graham opens Thursday, February 12th at the Fitton Center at 101 S Monument Street in Hamilton.  All tickets are $10.  Call the box office at 513-863-8873 ext 110 for reservations. Click here for more information.





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