FEATURE: She’s Crazy (and Other Mental Health Myths) is a Winner!

she's crazy 14

Sherry McCamley
Sherry McCamley

A cabaret about mental health could be hokey. It could be insensitive. Or it could be raw, honest, and brave. SHE’S CRAZY (MENTAL HEALTH AND OTHER MYTHS), the latest creation from “Two Feisty Broads,” is one of the most moving things I’ve seen on stage this season.


I was fortunate to attend a dress rehearsal before the final dress rehearsal as a preview of this new piece of theatre.  Currently being workshopped, the show is a personal look at mental illness through the eyes of two women who know it well.  Both Cathy Springfield and Sherry McCamley know mental illness too well.  They both confess in the show to having it and talk about their family history in detail.

Cathy Springfield
Cathy Springfield

Oh, there’s comedy.  There’s original songs by McCamley.  And there’s education.  But the moments that made me cry were the touching song about McCamley’s mother’s codependency.  Springfield’s very emotional re-telling of a suicide attempt had me practically weeping.  I was a big fan of these two ladies before I saw the show.  Now that they’ve bared their souls, I truly love them.  The courage that they show in telling their painful stories in order to inspire, encourage, and educate others is profound.

This is an affecting show; I suggested they be prepared for what it might bring out in the audience.  I know what it did to me. And this one is right up my sappy alley.

SHE’S CRAZY is free but reservations are requested.  Go see it this weekend; Thursday – Saturday it plays at 7:30 and Sunday there’s an afternoon matinee at 2 pm.  All performances are at the Clifton Performance Theatre at 404 Ludlow Avenue.  Click here for the FaceBook event.  Click here for my friend, David Lyman’s article at Cincinnati.com.  And tell your friends and family about this one – its important.

she's crazy me and the ladies



  1. Reblogged this on cathyspringfield and commented:
    David Lyman and Kirk Sheppard were the first (the FIRST) audience member for a pre-dress rehearsal and both are guys you want for feedback! Thank goodness we have time before opening to take their insights and get them into the show. THANK you Kirk and David!

  2. I’m so glad you and David Lyman saw this tonight so we have another day to work in your great suggestions you gave us after rehearsal. Your words are so kind; and you’ve given us some confidence to sally forth!
    Thank you!

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