FEATURE: Linhart and Spangler: A Delightful Duo


We are so fortunate to have THE University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music here not just because of the amazingly talented students, fantastic MainStage productions, and creative black box shows. But also , we have the benefit of a world-class faculty and today I was treated to a faculty artist concert featuring local Diva Patricia Linhart.  She was accompanied on the piano (and vocally) by musical genius Julie Spangler.  And there were other special guests, too.

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to see this grand lady shine on stage. She was having fun, her students were having fun, and so were all the rest of us in attendance.  What a packed house!

The show was introduced in comedic fashion by Dr. Wendy LeBornge, “Diva Doctor for the “Ladies,” otherwise known as the vocal chords.  Once she finished the “safety speech,” Ms. Spangler came out and – in a champagne-adorned gown – so did Ms. Linhart.  The CCM students in attendance went wild for her entrance; what a great moment.

Pat really showed off what she can do today; from comedic numbers like “You Could Drive a Person Crazy” (which she sung with two of her students, Alison Bagli and Chris Morrissey), “He Ain’t Mr. Right,” and “Cooking With Pat.”  But she also featured her tender side with “Ballad of the Sad Young Men” and “Sally’s Medley” from Follies.  Former classmate Karl Resnik wrote a song for both Spangler and Linhart to perform and they were accompanied by Mr. Resnik and cellist Josh Fink.  The final number – a Bonnie Raitt song – “God Only Knows” was a highlight for me  as was the encore featuring Pat playing an accordion!

I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the way Pat Linhart teaches the stars of tomorrow to sing; she’s rightfully been given credit for “why CCM sounds so good.”  If everyone can also learn how to have such great energy and zest for performing – and life – then she’ll be helping to create stars for many more years to come.

I’m considering today’s event as a warm up for this Friday’s A MOVEABLE FEAST at CCM; I just can’t get enough of the place.  Congratulations to Ms. Linhart on another recital done right.

Thanks for Reading.

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