Monday Matinee 08.25.14 – This Week in Cincinnati Theatre

We are fast approaching one of the busiest weeks in sometime for theatre in the area and I cannot wait.  This week features nothing opening but the continuation of a handful of great offerings. Let’s get started!

10384122_10152693977445972_5499407030918067938_nFirst, tonight is the 5th and next-to-last episode of SERIALS! at Know Theatre.  I’ve been to all of them so far and there have been some really interesting things happening.  Last time I would have given the nod to SATURDAY THE 14th, THE FUNERAL, and FETUS AND THE GOD as my favorites of the bunch.

FLESH DESCENDING features a very creepy Chris Wesselman as Satan and that’s worth seeing and whatever this silly puppet is in MARS VS THE ATOM as well as the “did that just happen or maybe it didn’t” moments make for some intriguing stuff.   Hopefully we’ve got another installment of THE LISTENER this time, too, because I don’t think I can take another round of listening to song lyrics read as dramatic poetry again.  Just let me go home at 9:45, it’s fine.

Here’s what Know posted on FaceBook yesterday about the event:

…Devilment is afoot in a small southern town where meat has rained form the sky…
…God brought a friend home to meet the parents, and we got some insight on what makes God the way God is…
…Things got weird when sister walked in uninvited and caught the cousins kissing…
…A break-in led to a very uncomfortable discovery about Todd, and a simple act of revenge made things complicated…
and……Competing versions of a shut-in’s reality made us question who is the hero of this story, anyway?

Tickets can be found here. Don’t worry, they’ll recap all the shows and you won’t be lost, I promise.

0Know is also continuing with the brilliantly funny HARRY AND THE THIEF through the end of the weekend.  If you haven’t gotten to see Piper Davis as Harriet Tubman, its totally worth going and even going again if you saw the show opening weekend and missed her. She’s truly stunning in this role, which is her first in a number of years.  Get down there before the show ends its run.  Tickets can be found here for the 3 remaining performances.

ccpa_will-rogers-follies1WILL ROGERS FOLLIES is playing at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts and it was fun to see Matt Dentino’s smiling face on the marquee when I drove past yesterday.  He’s one of Cincinnati’s most talented all around performers and I hope he gets a lot of work this season.

Speaking of the Covedale, they have announced the new Incline District theatre’s season for next summer:  THE PRODUCERS, 1776, and 9 TO 5.  Sounds like they’ll have more commercial success on the west side but I was hoping for maybe something little less mainstream in the new space.  Maybe down the road.

Tickets for the FOLLIES can be found here.  It also wraps up this weekend.

Trey Tatum talks to the cast of THE COMPLETE TOM / Photo by Paul Wilson
Trey Tatum talks to the cast of THE COMPLETE TOM / Photo by Paul Wilson


Queen City Flash continues THE COMPLETE TOM – 1. ADVENTURES this week in undisclosed locations as well as at Assumption Gallery in Walnut Hills.  I wasn’t able to make it out last Wednesday, however the fine folks in charge found an extra ticket for me for this indoor performance.

For more information about tickets as they become released and available, go here.

And that about wraps it up for this week!  Look for a jam packed edition on Labor Day as I’ll be talking about a hardbody, a local actress as a lady bowler, her brother as a literary legend, a large scale production of a classic rock musical, and an innovative love story.  It’s going to be a busy week . . . and I cannot wait.

Get out and support local theater.  Check out other offerings by visiting Rob Bucher’s blog, Behind The Curtain Cincinnati, and I’ll see you tonight at Know for SERIALS!  Be sure to say hi!

P.S. If you haven’t been listening to the season preview podcasts . . . why not?!  I’ve got some great info from the folks at The Carnegie, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Mad Anthony Theatre, The Clifton Performance Theatre, The Aronoff’s Broadway Across America series, Ensemble Theatre Company, and Playhouse in the Park.  Look for one with Xavier’s Stephen Skiles this week, too, and there are more to come!


Thanks for Reading.

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