Monday Matinee 08.11.14 – This Week in Cincinnati Theatre

Helen Anneliesa Raymond-Goers (Mrs. Lovett) and Justin Glaser (Sweeney Todd) / Photo by Mikki Schaffner
Helen Anneliesa Raymond-Goers (Mrs. Lovett) and Justin Glaser (Sweeney Todd) / Photo by Mikki Schaffner

What a great theatre weekend! I saw SWEENEY TODD at The Carnegie on Friday and HARRY AND THE THIEF at Know Theatre on Sunday afternoon. The season has officially kicked off . . . and if these two shows are any indication, we are going to have a wild 2014-2015!

wpid-20140623_221250.jpgTonight I’m back to Know Theatre for SERIALS! – Episode 4.  Last time (and I realized today I never did write up a full review, but I did live tweet the event . . . so I’m forgiven, right?) I had a great time as the pieces have begun to find their rhythm.  I especially loved the addition of George Alexander to FLESH DESCENDING, Carter Bratton’s chemistry with Ben Dudley in FETUS AND THE GOD, Miranda McGee can do no wrong on stage in either of her two roles in MARS VS THE ATOM and SATURDAY THE 14TH.  Jon Kovach’s piece, THE FUNERAL, is really heating up with the uncomfortable comedy, and the noir-esque THE LISTENER features one of my new favorite actors, Michael Sherman.  Tonight we’ll see the next chapter in these plays and I can’t wait.  You should come check it out if you haven’t yet; there’s a nice recap before each piece to bring you up to speed.  I don’t think you’ll be lost.  More information is available here.

And Know Theatre might be one of the most happening places in town right now because they just announced a couple of Fringe Encores.  7 (x1) SAMAURI will be performed nxt Sunday night at 8 PM.  This award winning solo show is described as “One man performs the epic story of “Seven Samurai” – complete with comic peasants, ruthless bandits, samurai warriors, and spectacular fight scene – retold at comic breakneck pace. Unique, riveting, and very funny.”  David Gaines returns to perform this 2009 Cincinnati Fringe piece and tickets are available here.  There will be more Encores coming soon, as early as next Tuesday!

Playwright Elizabeth Harris will debut BUCKEYE this week at Falcon Theatre via Cincinnati LAB Theatre
Playwright Elizabeth Harris will debut BUCKEYE this week at Falcon Theatre via Cincinnati LAB Theatre

Also this week is the debut of a theatre company called Cincinnati LAB Theatre as they present a new play by Elizabeth Harris called BUCKEYE.  The show will be hosted by Falcon Theatre in Newport, KY and will be performed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights this week at 8 PM.  Leah Strasser stars as Anna, an army medic who served in Iraq, and the story chronicles here struggle to connect with her daughter, Lucy (Kaleigh Howard), as she manages severe symptoms of PTSD and fights for a normal life in the aftermath of war.  The show also features Bob Allen and Brian Berendts.  Harris has had several works produced in various cities and most recent wrote NIGHT WALKERS, which was performed as part of this year’s Cincinnati Fringe Festival.  I’ll be there to support this new venture and so should you.  Tickets and more info are available here through their FaceBook event.

Speaking of Falcon Theatre, if you’re interested in auditioning for their upcoming season, you can find out more information here. Falcon is where I made my acting debut as Chief Bromden in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST and it will always have a very special place in my heart.  The leadership there is extremely nurturing and even more talented and I can’t wait to see all of their great productions this season.

Next week, we’ll preview the Tom Sawyer Flash Mob show that you might have heard about, plus Stone On A Walk Theatre will debut its third show, Thespis, and we’ll have more information about that, as well.  Also look through the week for some updated Season Preview Podcasts.  We’ve already sat down with Joshua Steele of The Carnegie and Henry Cepluch of Mad Anthony Theatre Company.  Many more to come!

So, with all these new theatre companies popping up and the season really kicking off strong . . . what are YOU going to do this week to support our local artists and theatre community?


Thanks for Reading.

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