Looking Forward…

head shots july 2014 23
Hello faithful readers!

Just wanted to talk about some exciting projects that I have in the works for the upcoming season!  First, I’m reaching out to more theatres than ever before and want to support and cover as much quality theatre as I can.  That’s very exciting!  So, if you have press releases, information you want shared, or shows you’re excited about . . . please, email me! Also, I’m reaching out to theatres to hopefully start a series of preview pieces about their respective seasons. There’s a LOT of great stuff coming soon!

Also, I have decided that my energy and time can be better used if I step away from my role with the League of Cincinnati Theatres.  I am grateful to that organization for allowing me to partner with them last year as we worked to strengthen the theatre community and I am excited about some changes they may be seeing in their future. For now, though, I’m going to focus on this site and doing the things to better accomplish my personal mission.  I wish my friends with LCT the best moving forward!

There are a ton of great shows coming up. I already have my tickets lined up for both SWEENEY TODD and HARRY AND THE THIEF. Plus, I just talked with an exciting new group in Dayton called “Dare to Defy Productions” and will be covering their production of RENT in depth.  I hope you’ll join me at as many shows as possible this season. It’s going to be a great year!  Seeya at the theatre!

Sappily yours,
Kirk Sheppard


Thanks for Reading.

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