Monday Matinee 07.21. 14 – This Week in Cincinnati Theatre

We’re getting closer to the 2014-2015 fall season kickoff!  Tonight it’s Episode Three of SERIALS at Know Theatre in Over the Rhine.  So far we’ve been treated to some very funny writing and some terrific performances and I am excited to see where the stories take us.  I’ll have some thoughts about each piece again as always later this week.  Tickets are still on sale and in case you haven’t been there yet, there is a recap before each piece to bring you up to speed.  You’ll be in the groove easily enough.  More information is available here.  I’m especially looking forward to “Saturday the 14th” and “The Funeral.”

Bibi 39x19 HiRez DTC JULY 2 WEB 1Back in April, local playwright Kalman Kivkovich staged his newest play, “Bibi” about the Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Bibi, as he is affectionally called by those who love him, is played by the eloquent and charming Robert Pavlovich and the show is directed by Drew Fracher.  “Bibi” has a return engagement at the Aronoff Center’s Jackson-Kaplan Theatre opening tomorrow night and running through Thursday.  If you have interest in the politics of the Middle East, then this show is worth checking out!  Tickets and more info are available here.

Drew Helton will be William Barfee in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” this weekend in Fairfield!

Last Wednesday I had the good fortune to take in a very pleasant surprise with Fairfield Summer Theatre’s “Ragtime.”  It was a beautiful piece of community theatre and I don’t think we’ll see a better vocal performance this year than what Kaela O’Connor does as “Mother” in ANY theatre in town – professional or otherwise.  Unfortunately during the preview I attended, Raven Thomas was absent . . . but from what I understand her vocalization’s as “Sarah’s Friend” have caused spontaneous standing ovations before the first Act is even finished.  Folks, that’s a star.  This week, this group will stage the more intimate “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” in their smaller space.  If you have read this blog much, you know that “Spelling Bee” is my favorite comedy and I can’t wait to see what they do with it.  I’m especially excited to see Sean Jones’s “Leaf Coneybear,” Emma Jordan’s “Rona Lisa Peretti,” and most of all Drew Helton’s “William Barfee.”  Tickets are on sale now and will sell fast.

Also this week, Cincinnati Shakespeare’s “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” opens on Friday night in downtown Cincinnati.  This hilarious comedy runs through all of the Bard’s classics at a breakneck pace and in gut busting fashion.  Featuring some of CSC’s funniest actors, Justin McCombs, Nick Rose, and Jeremy Dubin, this “extra” show is not part of the subscription package but you can see it relatively affordably, especially if you’re a season ticket holder.  More information is available here.  Also, CSC is preparing for their annual FREE tour of Shakespeare in the Park with performances of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Macbeth.”  A full schedule is available here.

10477099_841309452560410_954932879783269098_nI also had the privilege of seeing a brand new play by a teenage playwright last week.  “Wyatt’s Bed” by Isaiah Reaves was marvelous in many respects. Due to popular demand, there will be an added performance this Friday night at the Clifton Performance Theatre.  Here’s a link to the FaceBook page, which I expect will be updated soon to reflect this addition to the schedule.

Don’t forget, Stone On a Walk Theater, which is calling the Cincinnati Art Academy home for now will feature the US Premiere of “Reperatory Theatre” this weekend.  Plus Cincinnati Young People’s Theatre (a subsidiary of Landmark Productions – the folks behind the Covedale theatre) will open “Footloose” on Wednesday night.

So . . . with all these great summer options what are you doing to support local Cincinnati theatre this week?


Thanks for Reading.

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