Monday Matinee 06.23.14 – This Week In Cincinnati Theatre

Last week I attended the sweltering LCT End of Year Awards Party and was thrilled to see so many nominees and other theatre folks in attendance.  It was a great event and I personally am encouraged by the amount of kinship we are seeing inside of our theatre community. As a board member of the LCT, I can assure you that next year’s event will be another great celebration of theatre – and will be air conditioned.  Here’s a list of the winners.  And yesterday I posted my own list of Sappies for the 2013-2014!

know theatre serials logo_1403211643336_6425866_ver1.0_640_480Tonight is the debut of SERIALS! at Know Theatre in the Underground Bar.  I am beyond excited to see this creative concept come to life and would expect nothing but the best from the KNOW and the local playwrights they have chosen.  Here’s what I know (no pun intended):

– There are six plays, all presented in 15 minute “chapters” biweekly(ish).  The dates are: Monday, June 23, July 7th, July 21st, August 11th, August 25th, and September 8th all at 8 PM.

– The playwrights and plays are: Trey Tatum (“Mars vs. The Atom”), Chris Wesselman (“Flesh Descending”), Jon Kovach (“Funeral”), Ben Dudley (“Fetus and The God”), and Michael Hall (“The Listener). Plus apparently there is “one more surprise.”  Tatum you know from this year’s Fringe winner SLUT SHAMING, which he wrote.  It was one of my favorites this year.  Wesselman has been the assistant producer of The Fringe for the last several years and knows his way around alternative theatre.  Kovach is the brilliant mind behind the one man shows that did well at Fringe “Nothing” and “The Wave” and this year’s multi-actor piece “Blogging Behind Bars” as well as one of Cincinnati’s most talented young theatre professionals.  Dudley is one of the company members of Untethetered Theatre, co-wrote this year’s WHERE EDWARD WENT and starred in “Revelation” at the Clifton Performance Theatre.  He has a wicked sense of humor.  Hall is part of the team behind the popular DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS and this year’s HOT DAMN! ITS THE LOVELAND FROG and his piece focuses on a “listener” for the NSA . . .which I think will be fantastic.  You can read a more in-depth preview of each of these shows here, courtesy of WCPO.

Ben Dudley, Leah Strasser, and Chris Wesselman are all involved in SERIALS! at the Know Theatre
Ben Dudley, Leah Strasser, and Chris Wesselman are all involved in SERIALS! at the Know Theatre

Here’s what else I know from doing some investigative journalism (i.e. FaceBook stalking):  Kovach’s piece will feature recent Ensemble Theatre intern, Jared Earland and one of my favorite actresses in town, Tara Williams.  Dudley’s piece will be directed Leah Strasser, who directed Untethered’s THE HOUSE OF YES among others.  Tatum’s wife Bridget Leak, who was the directing intern at the Playhouse in the Park all season, is involved . . .probably directing?  We’ll find out tonight!  I am so pumped about this and am grateful for the KNOW to graciously allow me to cover it.  And also, it sounds like this whole process has been sort of breakneck paced so there will be a sense of adventure and excitement . . . should be super!  Get tickets for it here.

There are some other exciting things happening in our theatre community.  Stone on a Walk Theatre, for instance, is a brand new theatre company looking to produce interesting and unique work.  They have an campaign started here.  Might be worth taking a look at. They open their show CAIN this week at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Also, there’s a new group in town called South Asian Theatre Company.  Based on the email I got from them this weekend, they appear to be interested in bringing the theatre community together and are hosting a festival in September, as well.  I’m all about unity and harmony amongst our local artists!  Here’s a link to their web site.

Don’t forget that there’s a lot of community theatre going on this summer in addition to the professional shows that are running.  I’m hearing good things about THE SUNSHINE BOYS at the Covedale.  PLAY IT BY HEART continues this week as does the very funny PRIVATE LIVES at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and THE GAME’S AFOOT at Commonwealth Theatre Company is still running.  I’m excited about so many things coming up and I hope I’ll see you at the theatre!


Thanks for Reading.

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