Monday Matinee 06.02.14 – This Week in Cincinnati Theatre

Private-Lives_final1-01jv-540x416Just a short update this week, as Fringe has capture the attention of most of the city.  There is the final show of the season opening at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.  PRIVATE LIVES opens on Friday.  Here’s a description:

Amanda and Elyot’s first marriage was so vicious it nearly killed them, so imagine their surprise when five years later, each remarried and on their respective honeymoons, they find themselves in adjacent suites. The sparks start flying, and soon reignite a passion too powerful to fight. Noel Coward’s trademark wit sparkles in this stylish comedy about the fine line between love and loathing.

The show features Jeremy Dubin, Sara Clark, Kelly Mengelkoch, and Brent Vimtrup and is directed by D. Lynn Meyers.  Tickets are available here.  CSC is hosting a special GLBT night on Thursday and more information is available about that one here.

I’m excited about this one.  Of course, with Fringe in full swing we should take a minute to talk about what’s getting good buzz.  SLUT SHAMING has concluded its run, but it was a great piece about what its like to be the survivor of a rape.  BLOGGING BEHIND BARS is about an unusual prisoner, who writes a blog from his cell . . . but so much more happens.  WHERE EDWARD WENT is a slightly dark romantic comedy that I would love to see developed into something more full length.  And then there’s SARGE.  I’ll have a lot to say about it tomorrow, but I think it might be the best piece of acting I’ve ever seen live by Christine Dye.  I’ve heard good things about SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE, LOVELAND FROGBEBE, PAPA SQUAT, SON OF A HUTCH, and TRAFFIK.  NIGHT WALKERS might not be for everyone but I’m intrigued and hope to catch it.   There’s so much to see.  Mostly, though, I’ve had such a good time meeting people and connecting with friends.  I’ve had a blast talking with friends and people who I’ve met over the last couple of years.  It’s also really cool to share “media pass status” with such local luminaries as David Lyman, Julie Engebrecht, and Rick Pender.  To me, the best part of Fringe is the community that it brings together.

You should get down there in the next 5 days or so and catch a few shows.

Also, don’t forget that Showbiz Players is running SPAMALOT through this June 8th at The Carnegie.  The League of Cincinnati Theatres hosts their annual awards party on June 16th at Arnold’s and it is a smaller venue so it will likely sell out.  I’d get my tickets now by clicking here.  I’m excited about some feature articles we’ve got planned for the summer as well as a few community theater shows and maybe a road trip or two to see some stuff.

What are you excited about in the upcoming weeks?  Get out and support local theatre!


Thanks for Reading.

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