FEATURE: Playhouse Acting Intern Company Heads to New York

This year's class of Playhouse in the Park Acting Interns
Sam Rueff, Chelsea D. Harrison, Jon Kovach, Britian Seibert, Rico Reid, Shayna Schmidt, Meggy Hai Trang, and Justin Weaks / Photo by Kirk Sheppard

I had the distinct privilege to see the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park Acting Intern Company of 2014 perform a preview of their New York Showcase yesterday. This very talented group of eight are supremely talented and very skilled actors – both at comedy and drama.  I especially enjoyed the scene from “Beyond Therapy” featuring Justin Weaks and Shayna Schmidt, “Lobby Hero” featuring Jon Kovach and Meggy Hai Trang, and the excerpt from “4,000 Miles” featuring Kovach and Schmidt.  I also really liked what Chelsea D. Harrison did with both of her pieces.  Rico was great, too, and so was Sam and so was Britian.  Who am I kidding?  I’m a fan of all of these tremendous talents.  Their skill sets are so diverse and they chose great pieces to showcase themselves.

They will perform for agents in New York City at Theatre Row Studios on the fourth floor of 410 W. 42nd Street on Monday, May 5th at 1pm and 7pm.  I am confident that they will do well and many will walk out with appropriate attention from those who can help them in the next phase of their career.  Special kudos to Michael Evan Haney, who directed the showcase, and Mark Lutwak, who coached and directed them throughout the internship year.

Read my reviews of their traveling shows, JOAN OF ARC and THE SHORT TREE AND THE BIRD WHO COULD NOT SING and keep your eyes peeled for these amazing young people on stages near you soon!


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