FEATURE: Other People’s Money Director Greg Procaccino

Photo by Mikki Schaffner
Photo by Mikki Schaffner

Director Greg Procaccino took a few minutes to respond to some questions about OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, opening tomorrow night.

First, tell us about you.

I started my career in theater here in Cincinnati.  I have acted at Playhouse, ETC, CCM , NKU, the Aronoff Center.  I’ve done many commercials, industrials and I have directed all around the city with Cincy Shakes, Covedale, NKU, and was artistic director at New Edgecliff for four years where I directed a number of plays.

Can you give us a brief overview of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY?

The show was first done back in the 80’s during the time when corporate buyouts and hostile take overs were at their peak. It is a story about a business man from New York who tries to take over a business in Rhode Island. The hostile take over also uncovers some personal drama that has been lying underneath the surface of theses characters lives for quite awhile and believe it or not there is a not quite conventional love story in the mix, as well. It looks at how far loyalty, friendship, hard work and being aware of the world around you can can affect your life.

You’ve cast some top rate actors for this production.  Who’s who?

Mike Dennis is playing the NY businessman Garfinkle. Bob Allen is playing Jorgenson, Elizabeth Chin Molly is playing Kate, Mike King is playing Coles and Mindy Seibert is playing Bea.

Anything we should keep our eyes out for in this production? 

The play is very well written and has this mix of comic, serious that blends seamlessly. We go from place to place, time to time, laugh to drama at a rapid pace. We get to see five very different people up on that stage rolling up their sleeves and fighting for their lives during the course of the night. You get to choose who is the bad guy, who is the hero . . . and that might not be as easy as it sounds.

What’s next for you?

I am doing the Sunshine Boys next for Landmark Productions and then Streetcar Named Desire in the fall also at Landmark.

Thanks, Greg!  You can see OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY at the Aronoff Center opening tomorrow (April 16th) and running through April 26th.  Tickets and more information can be found here.


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