Monday Matinee 04.14.14 – This Week in Cincinnati theatre

Old Chief Bromden is now hitchhiking his way back to the mountains of the Columbia River and Kirk Sheppard is ready to gear back up for a life as a supportive audience member (not that I ever really stopped).  This week is chock full of fantastic theatre options.

Photo by Mikki Schaffner
OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY cast members Elizabeth Chin Molloy and Mike Dennis – Photo by Mikki Schaffner

New Edgecliff Theatre will present OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY opening Wednesday night at the Aronoff Center.  Here’s a description:  “Wall Street takeover artist Lawrence Garfinkle’s computer is going tilt over the undervalued stock of New England Wire & Cable. If the stockholders back his take over, they will make a bundle but what will happen to the 1,200 employees and the community when he liquidates the assets? Opposing the rapacious financier are the genial man who has run the company since the year one and his chief operations officer. They bring in a young lawyer who specializes in fending off takeovers. Should she use “green mail”? Find a “white knight”? Employ a “shark repellent”? This compelling drama explores whether corporate raiders are creatures from the Black Lagoon of capitalism or realists.”  The show features Robert Allen, Mike Dennis, Mike King, Elizabeth Molloy, and Mindy Seibert and is directed by Greg Procaccino.  It runs through April 26th.  Tickets are available here.

Also opening this weekend is CCM’s Zombie/Hamlet mashup, LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK.  This studio series show will run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  From CCM’s marketing department:  “The action of the play is set five years after the tragic events of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as a resurrected Ophelia, Juliet and Lady Macbeth must save Denmark from an overwhelming zombie horde.

First staged in 2006, the play has been hailed by the New York Times as “a crazy quilt of pop reference, dueling blades and scattershot anachronisms,” with figures from both Shakespeare’s canon and the 21st century pop cultural zeitgeist making appearances. This entertaining and comical zombie drama is sure to be the perfect antidote to exam week blues!”  k. Jenny Jones is the director of this much anticipated production.  Tickets are free – but are probably all gone.  More information is available here.

Another collegiate production goes up this weekend as NKU presents SPAMALOT.  This Monty Python classic has gotten rave reviews across the country and NKU will surely entertain the tri-state with their rendition.  You can find out more details about this show (and get tickets) by clicking here.

Don’t forget about GYPSY at the Covedale, HARVEY at the Carnegie, THE TWENTIETH CENTURY WAY at the KNOW, HENRY IV & V at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, and A DELICATE SHIP at the Playhouse in the Park all still playing in town this weekend, as well.  With so much great theatre this week, what are you going to do to support it?


Thanks for Reading.

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