REVIEW: Willy Wonka Jr.

Bob Herzog, Eileen Earnest, and Peanut Edmunson / Photo by Mikki Schaffner

I did it. I survived my first Childrens Theatre performance without maiming any little people. It wasn’t easy; when I was a child if I had talked during a performance like this my mother would have not been happy with me.  I would have at the very least been reminded to “shush” but that’s what happens when millions of people no longer take their children to church every week for the experience of sitting still in public.  Or when they go they have tailor-made children’s programming instead.  Not that that’s a terrible thing.  But I digress.

Bob Herzog was full of life as Willy Wonka, and when he was on the stage the audience was mesmerized.  He was charming, funny, and just a little bit wicked.  I enjoyed him very much.  The entire cast was very professional and I found that some of the child performers were as good or better than their adult counterparts!  What a pleasant surprise as I really had no context or expectations and was impressed by the entire production.

Next season will feature BEAUTY AND THE BEAST JR. THE SNOW QUEEN, SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK JR (featuring The Rusty Griswolds), and ALADDIN JR.  Should play to packed audiences for the entire run, I would imagine.  You can get your season subscription by clicking here.  You should also look into enrolling your child in KIDS CLUB, as it seemed like the children involved were excited to be there and got some fun opportunities to interact with the cast.

WILLY WONKA JR was a rousing success.  Congrats to all involved!



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