FEATURE: Madeleine Spacapan is “Rona” in CCM’s Spelling Bee This Weekend

10168314_10152362692939603_469528688_nHi Madeleine.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy tech week to answer a few questions.  I love “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” and your character can really make or break the show.  Tell me about yourself. How did you end up at CCM? 

Music has been in my life since before I was born. My mom’s side of the family is incredibly musical, my Grandma was an opera singer, my mom was a professional cellist, my aunt is a professional violinist, and my uncle is a pianist and the musical director at the Vatican in Rome. Needless to say, I grew up surrounded by music. In 7th grade I did my first musical, Annie and I fell in love and continued to participate in shows until my senior year when I decided I wanted to pursue musical theatre as a career. I researched schools and came across CCM and knew I had to go there. I auditioned and the rest is still unwritten.

Well, I think your future is bright based on what I’ve seen so far.  For my readers who don’t know, tell me about your character and her role in this show.

In Spelling Bee I play Rona Lisa Peretti, the host of the spelling bee and previous winner. Every time Rona comes back to the Bee its as though she is reliving her glory days in the place she best fits in. She is a spunky, dry-humored woman motivated entirely by her love of the spelling bee and support of the children. She is incredibly nurturing and exudes positivity while being the direct contact between the audience and the show.

1231684_10153200582315253_1548764372_nAre there any specific moments we should look forward to?

I am incredibly proud of this production of Spelling Bee because we have taken a well loved show and have transcended these roles beyond the superficial conventions into multi-faceted, relatable characters. Every day the cast surprises me and tries new things that make the show fresh and fun. One of my favorite moments though, is the “I Love You Song” that I get to sing with the characters “Olive” (Gina Santare) and her dad (Tyler Huckstep). It’s a beautifully written, heart felt song that changes my heart every time I sing it with them. Also, our tech crew does an amazing job with sound and lighting and for the tech alone, makes it amazing to see.

I literally can’t wait to see it.  So, what’s next for you?

You never know whats next in theatre, things come up or change at crazy speeds. I’m just looking forward to having an amazing summer and finishing off my senior year at CCM before I go showcase and move to New York. I can’t wait to see where I go next!

Thanks, Madeleine.  We’ll see you this weekend!

“The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” opens tomorrow night, Thursday April 3rd.  Tickets – if any are left are available at the CCM Box Office or you can always try the standby line an hour before each performance.


Thanks for Reading.

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