FEATURE: Going Cuckoo – Meet the Cast of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST – Ted Weil as “Dale Harding”

It’s day two of our spotlight on the cast of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST at Falcon Theatre. Today, Ted Weil (“Dale Harding” and the Artistic Director of Falcon Theatre) sits down with us.

Ted Weil
Ted Weil

How did you get started in the theatre? 

I started working in theater when I was 7 years old. My parents met doing theater and my mom is still very active in local theater. It’s been in my blood since I was very young and I spent a lot of time in the theater growing up. I started my college career at University of Findlay in their theater department and then transferred to NKU and finished up a double major in Theater and Broadcast Engineering. Along with a friend, Dave Radtke, we founded Falcon Theatre while I was still a student at NKU and aside from a few brief leaves of absence to do work in other places, I’ve been part of Falcon’s management ever since.

Tell us about your character and his role in the story.

I play Dale Harding who is a patient in the institution. His illness is less severe than many of the other patients and that, coupled with the fact that he is a little more educated than many of them has allowed him to be the de facto leader until R. P. McMurphy shows up on the ward. Despite some early tension between them, Harding becomes one of McMurphy’s supporters and a guide of sorts, helping him understand the dynamics of the institution.

What’s it been like to work on this show?  

This is a true classic both in the world of literature and theater. When tackling a classic like this there are certain expectations an audience will bring with them. It’s always a challenge to understand what an audience expects while still staying creative and developing a production that is unique and true to the script.

Any special challenges that you’ve faced?

There are also a lot of technical challenges in this production, especially on a stage as small as ours. We had have to be extremely conscious of our space in rehearsal and we will continue to do that as we get into technical rehearsals and integrate more set pieces and small special effects.

Ted (far right) in New Edgecliff's FRANKENSTEIN
Ted (far right) in New Edgecliff’s FRANKENSTEIN

So, what’s next for you?

Falcon’s next show will be BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL, which will bring it’s own set of technical challenges so I will be working hard to make sure that is an epic production. It’s an exciting and fun piece with a lot of technical elements to it so I will be devoting much of my time over the next month to that production.

Beyond that, Falcon’s season is coming to a close and we’re already working on some summer projects that will improve our theater space and we’re looking ahead to next season. Although we won’t be producing as much over the summer, we will be doing a lot of work to gear up for next year.

Come see “Dale Harding” and the rest of the Cuckoo’s Nest cast at Falcon Theatre beginning this Friday and Saturday and running through April 12th.  Tickets are available here.


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