FEATURE: Going Cuckoo – Meet the Cast of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST – Tara Williams as “Candy Starr”

Tara Williams
Tara Williams

Tara Williams, plays “Candy,” an old girlfriend of R. P. McMurphy’s who visits the psych ward and is a catalyst for the climax of the play, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST.

Tara Williams in Falcon Theatre's "Slasher"
Tara Williams in Falcon Theatre’s “Slasher”

Williams is no stranger to the stage.  “I have been acting since I was 6. My first role was as Gretel to my cousin’s Capt. Von Trapp in his senior musical.” Tara has a BFA in acting from Northern Illinois University and has worked professionally in Chicago, Orlando and Cincinnati. “I have done everything from theater, dinner theater, murder mystery theater to museum work and theme park work to print work, commercial, industrial, film and voice over work.”

Williams explains her character.  “Candy is in love with McMurphy and will do anything for him. She is a fun loving girl from the wrong side of the tracks who in the early ’60’s would have been thought of as loose.” This is a serious play, but it does have some very funny moments.  Williams says, “I think she adds some light heartedness and fun to the scenes and is a catalyst for Billy’s choices.”

While Candy only appears in two scenes, they are pivotal to the plot.  Williams has a history of playing vitally important characters like in “Slasher” last fall.  She is a total pro and brings an air of professionalism to everything she does.  Falcon’s Artistic Director Ted Weil said, “She showed up at the audition already knowing who ‘Candy’ should be.”

Tara (right) in Broadway Bound
Tara (right) in Broadway Bound

Tara stays very busy, with her next role this coming May.  “After this show closes, I will be playing Grown Up Wendy in CMT’s PETER PAN at the Aronoff.”  She is also slated to direct THE EIGHT REINDEER MONOLOGUES for Falcon next December.

Come see “Candy” and the rest of the Cuckoo’s Nest cast beginning this Friday and Saturday and running through April 12th.  Tickets are available here.


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