FEATURE: Les Mis Five With Five – Dallas Padoven


UC-CCM proudly presents LES MISERABLES opening this Thursday.  For the next five days we’ll spotlight various members of the cast with an interview.  Today we’re joined by Dallas Padoven who plays “The Bishop” and appears in the Ensemble.  

Dallas on stilts in SINGING IN THE RAIN at CCM
Dallas on stilts in SINGING IN THE RAIN at CCM

1. How did you get started in musical theatre?

I started in musical theatre in 5th grade actually as Gaveroche in the local production of Les Miserables, and from there it took off. I did anything from show choir, community theatre, and high school productions. I also competed around Colorado, and showcased at the Colorado Thespian Convention. Music, and theatre has always been apart of my life.

2. You’re a member of the ensemble of Les Mis and play the role of the Bishop. Tell me more about your role and how you see the job of an Ensemble member, especially in such an epic show like this one.

The Bishop is such a pivotal part of the WHOLE story of “Les Miserables.” Without the Bishop, Jean ValJean would have not found God, and the story would have a much different outcome. The story is about redemption and finding perfection in life. The Bishop is the start of all the amazing events in ValJeans life. Not to mention the amazing ensemble. In addition to playing the Bishop, I also play a convict, a pimp, beggar, store owner, student revolutionary, the French revolutionary, and more. Without a strong core of ensemble work, this show would not work. The ensemble is just as important to tell the story of redemption, love, and peace.

Dallas (right) in BARNUM at Totem Pole Playhouse
Dallas (right) in BARNUM at Totem Pole Playhouse

3. Do you have any moments in this show that you really enjoy – either involving you or as a lover of theatre? What should we watch out for?

Again, this show was the start of my love of theatre, so to revisit it has been a joy and a blast from the past. This show is jam packed with amazing moments and story. Pay attention to even the smallest details in the background because everything in this story from the lovely ladies, to the students really tell a story and each one can resonate with anybody in the audience.

4. What’s next for you? 

I am still waiting to hear from some pretty exciting professional theatres for this summer. You can always keep track of my whereabouts  and doings on my website. www.Dallaspadoven.com

UC-CCM will present LES MISERABLES opening Thursday, February 27 through Sunday, March 9th.  Tickets – if any are available – can be found here.

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