FEATURE: Les Mis Five with Five – Lawson Young

Young.Lawson.4.RRUC-CCM proudly presents LES MISERABLES opening this Thursday.  This week we’ve been spotlighting various members of the cast with an interview.  Today we’re joined by Lawson Young who plays “Eponine.”

Lawson in CCM's production of INTO THE WOODS
Lawson (with Blaine Krauss) in CCM’s production of INTO THE WOODS

1. Tell us about your background in musical theatre.

I grew up in a musical home. My grandmother was a rare talent, as is my uncle. (My Dad has a keen ear and talent for music, as well.) I grew up singing and performing locally, and eventually made my Broadway debut (in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”) at age thirteen. Toward the end of high school, I chose to focus my energy on being accepted into a Musical Theatre program.

Lawson as Eponine at West Virginia Public Theater
Lawson as Eponine at West Virginia Public Theater

2. You’re playing the role of Eponine in Les Mis. Tell me more about how you’ve prepared for such an emotionally intense part.

I had the opportunity to play Eponine this summer at the fabulous West Virginia Public Theatre. I fell in love with the role at that time. Eponine processes such outward strength, acting as a facade for her softness and insecurities. I highly value those characteristics, which made preparing for this role surprisingly easy. It’s as simple as staying true to those characteristics and Eponine’s truth.

3. Do you have any moments in this show that you really enjoy – either involving you or as a lover of theatre?   What should we watch out for? 

There is consistent background, character, and plot developed throughout LES MISERABLES. There are very few still, quiet moments throughout the show and I feel that Eponine has two of them; “Little Fall Of Rain” and “On My Own.” LES MISERABLES is full of heart, and those moments give the show the opportunity to settle into that heart. I look forward to those moments as an actor.

4. What’s next for you? Do you have anything to promote?

One never knows what’s next for them in this business! I have a strong passion lit inside me, and I believe that will take me very far.

The CCM Class of 2015
The CCM Class of 2015

UC-CCM will present LES MISERABLES opening Thursday, February 27 through Sunday, March 9th.  Tickets – if any are available – can be found here.

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