REVIEW: Metamorphoses

John Odom and Shaun S. Sutton in METAMORPHOSES
John Odom and Shaun S. Sutton in METAMORPHOSES

I read Homer’s THE ODYSSEY and the ILIAD in high school.  I didn’t really get the appeal of mythology then and as I’ve gotten older I see how the traditions are interesting, but I’m still not a fan.  So I went into METAMORPHOSES knowing that it probably wasn’t going to be my cup of tea.  However, the giant pool, the original cello music by Jacob Yates, the direction of D. Lynn Meyers, and the reputation of CCM drew me in.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to follow the stories being told; I often struggle with understanding and focusing during more avant-garde type pieces.  The script was more modern than I had anticipated and Meyers (and the actors) did a nice job mining the work for its humor in spite of the dark tone of much of these myths.

From the moment Shaun S. Sutton gave the curtain speech (I nominate him to teach others how to do it; he was great!) I was engaged.  The pool was used perfectly and the sound and lighting effects accentuated the story, which should be the goal of all tech.  Jacob Yates’ cello pieces helped set the tone and never once took me out of the moment; I would look over at him occasionally to remember he was there, but for the most part I never focused my attention on the music.  Again, it was background to aid the story and Jacob did a marvelous job.

This is not a play I would go out of my way to see again (though the 80 minute run time did help!) however I think CCM has done a marvelous job showcasing their acting students, tech students, and their ability to do big things on their educational stages with METAMORPHOSES.  Now that I know what to expect from Mary Zimmerman’s work, I feel prepared for NKU’s Arabian Nights in a few weeks.

METAMORPHOSES runs through Sunday, February 9th.  Tickets are available here.

Thanks for Reading.

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